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Undercover Investigations

The information revealed during an undercover investigation covers the entire spectrum of security and safety issues. Every day we see cases on TV and read it in the newspapers about individuals being convicted of workplace issues such as fraud, embezzlement, sexual harassment, cyber-bullying, even death and murder. In a case of theft, utilizing a discrete licensed undercover investigator will provide the facts the employer needs to save the loss of merchandise in an effective manner or put a stop to the immoral activities. We have the ability to gather the necessary documentation and evidence while maintaining the trust of the employee's. Remaining discrete and undercover is imperative to the outcome of the investigation, keeping this operative safe not letting anyone know who they are, is a must!


A company's reputation relies on the way the employees conduct themselves both in the public eye and behind closed doors. Investigations can reveal internal and external theft, embezzlement, drug usage and/or, malingering habits, sabotage, systems flaws, inadequate vulnerable security measures and deliberate and inadvertent proprietary information leaking out, security flaws, etc. Simultaneously the employer may utilize an investigator who specializes in forensic accounting, security risks, property protection, and technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and business intelligence.


Periodic undercover investigation will protect employer's interests and reduce loss of product long term. Often the use of a surveillance investigator simultaneously on a suspected individual will provide the facts and resolve the issue. If there is a particular suspect, we can typically conduct a discrete surveillance and obtain residential trash which might help the investigation depending upon the city and state ordinances. We will facilitate between the employer and the local, state and/or federal law enforcement if necessary which will result in a strong case for prosecution. As an employer, you have the right protect your company and employees. You have the right to know what is reducing your profit margin and happening within your company!


In addition we have the ability to conduct counter-surveillance which is an asset to the safety of the executives. With our extensive history in conducting surveillance, we are able to pursue the executive and determine if there is anyone or investigators attempting to conduct surveillance or follow them to their residence. There are simple driving techniques which we can teach to you making your departure from the workplace more safe and so as not to bring anyone home with you. Knowing your surroundings is very important and braking up your patterns will help diminish the likely hood of being preyed upon. Stalking is wrong, not socially acceptable and we can facilitate a restraining order if needed. In addition the individual may be put in jail or prison. Domestic terrorism is wrong; you and your employees have the right to live in peace!

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