From corporate investigations to a civil investigation, we will complete your mission in a discrete cost efficient honest manner. Unlike some of our competition, we typically are able to conduct and complete the investigation with one investigator, not 2 or even 6, and provide the evidence expected of us. Having thousands of hours and over a decade of experience with intense training from prior and current law enforcement, we have the techniques to complete your mission. A successful investigation depends upon the investigators ability to conduct the mission without detection as investigations are extremely delicate and can be volatile. Hire an expert surveillance detective, not one who can talk, take your money, exaggerate and not produce the evidence needed to resolve your suspicion!


Our history of investigations have been on some of the most suspicious individuals such as: Current and retired law enforcement officers, politicians, judges, attorneys, field workers, actresses, gang bangers, city workers, surgeons, gamblers, truck drivers, politicians, business owners of all types, doctors and salon owners. All too often we are hired to investigate individuals whom engage in abuse anywhere from domestic violence, abuse and/or neglect of a disabled person to the worst monster of all, a pedophile. We work well with law enforcement when needed and will facilitate the arrest of any criminal who has harmed you. You and your family have the right to live a peaceful life!


Count on us to use a wide variety of state of the art high-tech video equipment, photographic equipment and surveillance vehicles as needed to complete the investigation by day or night with superimpose date and time on the film. We will discreetly investigate even the most suspicious people who are fully aware of their surroundings and attempt to evade being investigated. We use a wide verity of hidden cameras with pin-hole lenses, in addition to generation three night vision.


In addition we may use a pursuit camera on such cases as child endangerment, theft, drug usage, vandalism, fraud investigations and any other type of surveillance investigation you may have. This type of evidence enables us to capture film of their driving abilities and activities. All of this equipment is typically utilized on our investigations and is imperative to the completion of the investigation without detection. Following our investigation we will provide the evidence needed and will appear in court if necessary.

Member of: National Association of Professional Background Screeners (APBS)  
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