Stalker Surveillance

Most stalking cases involve a male offender with a female victim who has some type of prior intimate relationship with each other. Often, acquaintance and stranger stalkers have a mental disorder such as erotomania--a delusional belief that the victim loves them. Other types of stalking cases may include acquaintance stalking, where the stalker and the victim may know each other casually (co-worker or neighbors), and stranger stalking where the stalker and the victim do not know each other at all. Harassing phone calls remain the most common stalking behavior along with E-Mail and/or text messaging threats.


You should record each time you see the stalker or any contact is made including specific details time, place, location and witnesses. Messages on answering machines, faxes, letters and e-mails will provide useful resources to build a case against the offender. A research of the court documents can provide a history which will provide the prosecutors the ability to enhance the sentencing. Having a plan both short term and long term are imperative to your safety and a controlled calm outcome. This is abuse and domestic terrorism is wrong!


We can help you gather the evidence needed to provide law enforcement officers showing loss of sleep, days missed from work and the need to seek counseling. You may also need to change your phone number, change the locks, get a post office box and even move your residency. With this information it may convince a law enforcement officer of the victim's trauma and fear. We recommend an attorney influence and psychologists so as to remain safe and educated. A security systems and cameras installed at the residence and monitoring may also aid in the arrest of the suspect.


Conducting surveillance of the suspect at the times when they would most likely stalk the victim, such as when the victim departs or returns from their residence and/or work. This provides the evidence needed for a restraining order and prosecution which we can help facilitate. A private protection officer may be needed or recommended. Most convicted stalking offenders have stated that the repeatedly engage in behavior that never gets detected. You have the right to private peaceful life and stalking is wrong!

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