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Interviews and Witness Statements

With our ongoing training and years of interview techniques we are confident in uncovering the true facts of the matter. We can compile evidence through the words an individual provides during a statement either verbal, non-verbal or written responses in addition to the tone and manner in which they speak. Their reaction to questions and the physical characteristics in how they present themselves provides critical details to follow up on. Our interviews may be recorded on audio tape or videotape upon your request. You have the right to know the truth!


Some of our clients may want to consult with an attorney and/or a psychologist depending upon what kinds of allegations are involved and the findings before and after the interview. Knowing your rights and having professional input will ease your mind and help you get past the matter in a positive manner. All too often our clients tell us how they benefited by utilizing a psychologists and an attorney. These professionals will protect the rights of you and your family with a more acceptable positive outcome.


With your help we will come up with questions in which have been agreed upon and are typically formatted to provide answers to benefit us no matter what the subject says. Being able to personalize the interview and having the right ethnic and gender of investigator may be imperative to the outcome of the interview. As interviews are not a perfect science, our findings only provide you with further information needed or to prove or disprove your assumptions and allegations!


In the private sector we only conduct interviews and do not engage in interrogations. We will only provide the facts obtained during the course of your investigation and will adhere to state, local and federal laws. In the event that law enforcement will need to be involved, we can facilitate this action reducing your stress. If you need more answers and are building an investigation, an interview will help the outcome.


Surveillance occasionally follows an interview which can lead to further information in which you seek and with our extensive background conducting surveillance missions, we are confident in maintaining pursuit and rarely lose visual contact of the individual. Utilizing our high tech video equipment with time and date imposed and a large variety of hidden camera's only compliments the investigation. This will reveal vital evidence which cannot be captured in any other way. Our surveillance vehicles are very discrete with window tint and blend in well. In addition, we have utilized pursuit camera's which enable us to capture their driving which is becoming a newly recognized asset to capturing film. Everyone who has a suspicion has the right to know the truth!

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