Insurance Fraud

Our specialty is producing the videotape evidence needed to mitigate these claims in a cost productive discrete manner. Our specialty is worker's compensation, liability, and malingering injuries of all types. Surveillance also known as Sub-Rosa is very common along with a comprehensive interview with the claimant. Activity checks are commonly utilized in these investigations along with neighborhood interviews which will determine their daily activities, current residency, degree of disability and lifestyle. With over 15,000 hours working in the field of investigations, we are confident we will provide you with the videotape evidence with time and date imposed. More often than not, the claimant will exaggerate the claim and our film will prove that. In the event of insurance fraud, these are prosecutable and will be dealt with in a court of law. Fraud is wrong!


We work well with the Insurance Companies and their Special Investigative Units (SIU), small insurance companies helping with the defense, third party administrators and employers whom are self insured! Conducting these types of discrete investigations is very difficult as these types of individuals tend to be very suspicious. After our investigation you will be able to send the videotape to the treating physician and attorney's office to make the appropriate determination and further decisions. Our evidence will typically help mitigate the claim and provide the evidence needed. If there is a discrepancy in the claimant's level of activity, we will appear in person and show the film to the court and judge and/or the treating physician.


If you suspect fraud or an exaggerated claim, it is important to get piece of mind and do a due-diligence investigation. On one of our prior investigations, the claimant was claimed he was totally disabled and was going for 1 million dollars. The film showed the claimant driving, walking, conversing, utilizing gardening equipment and working. He went so far as not even able to get out of the vehicle to speak with his treating physician! In this case his parents were involved and lucky not to be charged. Fraud is illegal, wrong and some individuals need to be dealt with in a court of law!
Occasionally we have to film the claimant when driving depending upon their current medical restrictions. We have discrete pursuit cameras on our vehicles and this film may be the best evidence we obtain as the claimant might have stated they could not drive. Also great evidence as it will show the movement of the head, neck and hands. If there is a presumed extremely injury, this may be a discrepancy to what they have informed the treating physician of. With the use of hidden camera's we are able to obtain the activities within department stores, parks, downtown walking about, theme parks, etc. This evidence will also have the time and date imposed onto the film and cannot be edited.


Identify theft or persons whom attempt to with hold their true identities are typically uncovered during the course of a background investigation. All too often we run across claimant's with more than one identity. On one of our investigations, the man was supposed to be off work with a lower back injury. In fact he was actually working full time in a field picking broccoli bending over all day. Interesting how this individual had 5 driver's licenses and numerous social security cards and several alien identifications all with the same face and address. This claimant did not receive any awards and he was ordered to pay back restitution. He was incarcerated in prison for fraud and possibly facing deportation. Now that is justice!

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