Divorce is the second most stressful event other than death. When our family, friends and acquaintances speaks of divorce or hear someone having a bad divorce, this is what they mean. Only people who have gone through a divorce and experience this understand what is involved. Statistics say, approximately 50% of marriages in America end up in divorce. Divorce will impact children severely if not handled in a professional and down to earth manner at a level of communication their ages can relate with.


When going through a divorce or child custody battle it is better not to react, instead be proactive and calm having a plan both short term and long term. Critical evidence can be gathered prior to the divorce and during. This will be beneficial to the outcome and psychological safety of you the children involved. The use of a reputable recognized attorney and psychologists might be an avenue to ponder along with a thorough discrete investigation. A private investigator can provide you with the evidence needed in the decision-making process and will facilitate with law enforcement agencies and the Child Protective Services if needed.


Surveillance will usually provide the evidence and documentation needed to resolve your suspicions. We can keep closely monitor, document, photograph and/or videotape your spouse if you suspect they are having an affair. In California it will not matter in family court if one of the parties is having an affair. However it could reveal some vital information such as hidden banks, a separate family or criminal behavior and/or individuals whom may be involved with you indirectly or directly. Knowing who is influencing your mate or possibly your children is imperative to their health and happiness. A thorough background investigation might follow as it is important to have peace of mind.


Abuse usually delivered by an adult more often a male, occasionally other children and it is typically someone they trust. Child abuse is wrong and being co-dependent or enabling this activity can also be considered abuse or neglect. A monster that inflicts abuse typically lacks and is inadequate psychologically taking advantage of vulnerable victims. Typically the abuser feels a need to be in full control desperately attempting to maintain control. Children, spouses, elders and disabled individuals are trusting and vulnerable to abuse, it is devastating and wrong!

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