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Counter Surveillance

Face it, this is a dangerous world and there are individuals who only live to harm our children, wives, parents, husbands, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends. You read and hear about violence and death every day in the news papers and on TV. With the growing number of individuals mixing drugs and alcohol, both street drugs and prescribed drugs, mixed ethnic groups, gang bangers, mafias, abused individuals along with the propensity to unbecoming behavior, we are living in a volatile and unpredictable society! Narcissism and socio-paths are increasing in an epidemic proportion as there are many individuals with disorders un-diagnosed. Currently there are physicians prescribing drugs and unfortunately they are not regulated to check the patient's blood for other drugs and/or alcohol usage causing developmental behavior and problems resulting in violence or death.


Having the ability to observe, document, videotape and detect individuals whom may be watching you is an art all in its own. We have worked with many investigators and law enforcement officers whom lack the ability to detect counter-surveillance. Over a decade of experience has provided us with an arsenal of techniques and surveillance knowledge. With our proven experience we are able to provide counter surveillance; we will provide you with the evidence needed put a stop to these types of domestic terrorism in a safe and lawful manner. These activities will increase as the monster feels some type of entitlement justifying his activities when performing terroristic acts.


The most common domestic abuse cases involve some type of verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect or sexual abuse. These are very sensitive matters which must be handled in professionally and discretely. We will complete your mission more efficiently than most of the competition as surveillance is our specialty and are very confident in our abilities. In addition we can help you to further your education and protect yourself with an attorney and/or psychologists. For every action there is a reaction, having the forethought and a plan is imperative to a safe outcome! A good predictor of future behavior is past behavior and domestic terrorism is wrong and is socially not acceptable!

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