Child Custody

The five types of abuse are psychological, emotional, neglect physical and sexual abuse. These
acts are immoral, illegal and prosecutable in most states with very high prosecution rates. Undue influence may also be considered abuse depending upon what verbiage has and continues to be spoken. Verbal battering is wrong, not socially acceptable and immoral. Having a well established short term and long term investigative plan is imperative to the outcome of the investigation, the well being of your family and the child involved. Surveillance, video documentation, photographs, interviews and research are effective techniques used in obtaining the evidence of children living with this treatment and/or conditions.


Drug and alcohol abuse is rising in epidemic proportions and it is in the news papers and on TV every day. We can help you establish allegations of child neglect, abuse, endangerment and unsafe living conditions. The courts have one standard; what is in the best interest of the child. It is very common for the court to get a vague understanding of the situation, we can help you obtain and compile the evidence needed for the courts to understand the full picture. Commonly the people whom engage in this type of addictive behavior have friends, acquaintances and/or family members with addictive personalities which may put your child in danger.


If you feel the need to know how your child is being treated during visitation then surveillance can be very useful. We will document and videotape their activities and driving abilities along with the duration and locations in which they frequent. All too often during these visitations the child is dropped off with a family member or care providers residence in the evenings instead of being with the parent while they go out for a night on the town. A divorce is very painful and often the children are subjected to neglect, abuse or endangerment. In a case of child endangerment, we have the ability to videotape most of their activities and driving habits so as to ensure your child is safe. In addition we will facilitate a restraining order and assist in the prosecution of an individual whom commits criminal behavior during a visitation.


We strongly suggest seeking the advice of an attorney so as to protect you, your children's rights and the attorney will educate you. A court recognized psychologists may also be a great asset to your psychological health and provide critical evidence for the investigation. Often the victimized child will not be able to convey physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. In addition the child may draw a picture of their interpretation of what has been happening and/or make statements which are admissible information in court. Mentally or physically disabled children are vulnerable and very delicate situations, the abuse amongst them is rising. Care giver syndrome or care giver burnout is very common and stressful causing some care providers to have issues such as anger. Unfortunately this anger is projected on the vulnerable and defenseless children. The evidence we may provide may then be taken to court so as to put a stop to the action. Abuse is wrong and socially not acceptable!


Many single parents, divorced parents and/or care providers have misgivings about the fitness of the other parent. Parents with a history of substance abuse or alcohol abuse typically to not acknowledge their deficiencies and are in denial. Commonly these substances are mixed and currently spiraling out of control nationally. These parents may methodically present themselves in court and come off personable, unfortunately there may be other character and personality flaws and/or disorders while presenting themselves as being competent to the court. As a parent you are responsible for protecting your children and enabling (continuing to let it happen) may be considered abuse or neglect. Abuse of any type is wrong and nobody has to undertake this type of degrading demoralizing actions!

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