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Caregiver Investigations

Everyday there are reports of abuse on the news, a concerned family member places a hidden camera in their home to see how the caregiver is doing. Occasionally and often these results have been shocking! With a thorough investigation and the use of a hidden camera, this evidence can be documented and criminal charges can be filed. All too often a disabled individual lacks the ability to converse or convey what is happening and may be in fear of their life. These types of crimes are occasionally and commonly not detected.


A criminal history could be devastating to your love one causing permanent damage, emotionally, physically and occasionally neglect! Elder abuse is wrong and it is illegal, we can help you gather the evidence while working with Law Enforcement and Adult Protective Services to expedite and facilitate the issue. This would fall under an investigation not a background screening.


Private Investigators can make visits to the, nursing home, retirement communities, private homes, hospitals, hospice and neighbors. We report and investigate the living conditions and report back to the client our findings and other concerns within the nursing homes. Contact can be made discretely or overtly at these locations which might reveal warning signs often concealed such as living conditions, cleanliness and the physical structure within the facility or home. When we can make our presence known to a facilities staff, this lets them know we are providing a watchful eye and the warning is there. Often the situation is remedied and resolves more quickly.


Our background screening is another helpful tool; we can verify the prospective employee, caregiver or family member's history. Caregiver Syndrome or Caregiver Stress is a common problem: This is a condition developed from providing care for the chronically ill dependant or guilt, resulting from unrelieved caring. Often these employees have been suffering from exhaustion, rage and anger. Caregiver Syndrome is a term often used by health care professionals, however the term is not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

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