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Background Investigations

A background investigation is not a screening, it is a process of an investigation where we locate, obtain and compile the evidence. Criminal records, financial records, commercial records, civil court documents in addition to surveillance, witness statements and interviews. In addition there might be physical evidence, lab results, business reports, photo's, videotape, etc. It is important to resolve your suspicion in a discrete, thorough and professional manner. The use of an attorney in conjunction with a licensed investigator will help protect your interests and provide you with education and essential information.


With the data bases only available to private investigators and attorney services, we are able to locate the most accurate and current information available. The information obtained can then be physically searched in a court providing retrieving the true facts of the matter. Often the reports will reveal critical initial information, witnesses for an interview and retain statements. Unlike the data services available to the public which are commonly out of date and/or incorrect. Our providers are updated frequently and have the most current data available to our industry. Making sure a due diligence attempt to retrieve all the documents and information is imperative to the outcome of the case.


It is common to have a few investigators working in conjunction with one another so as to expedite the matter. Often there is concurrent surveillance of the accused providing us a documented daily activity and whereabouts. Videotape and/or photo evidence may be critical to the outcome of the investigation providing locations which they frequented, duration, time and date. All to often an investigation will solely rely on the trash and surveillance evidence. This evidence will then be depicted into a report along with the videotape with time and date super imposed. Surveillance may reveal hidden banks, alias names, cash usage, employers, business associates, criminal or civil activity, alcohol use, drug use, attorney offices, etc. These daily activities can only be obtained through surveillance.


Another great information source is refuge retrieval or "trash run" also known as dumpster diving. Depending upon the city ordinance, we may be able to legally retrieve the trash and recycled materials commonly having critical evidence and information. Such as alias names, employer's, business ventures, proprietary, physical evidence, paperwork, receipts and in a paternity case or criminal matter DNA. Evidence of contraband, paraphernalia obtained may be law enforcement agencies and we can facilitate this for you. Frequently the evidence answers questions and provides crucial information to resolve your suspicion. If you have a suspicion, you have the right to answers.


An individual may be on probation, parole or has been court ordered not to consume alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs. All to often we retrieve vital evidence such as prescription bottles and alcohol bottles which is a growing problem as individuals are mixing them.

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